Hi! I'm Sabrina, founder of Organizing Your Vision. I believe that God has been talking to us all throughout our lives, we just may not have known how to recognize it. He continuously wants to have a relationship with us, but just like with any other relationship in our life, it requires time, trust building and openness from each other. We know that God's goodness already promises us those things, so that means it's up to us to choose to take the time, choose to daily trust Him, and choose to build a relationship with Him like no other. What vision has He given you? What conversations are you having with Him? What can you do to create space in your life to be able to hear Him better? These are the questions I dive into in our one on one sessions. Through seeking Him by asking questions, while simultaneously digging deep and building a solid foundation in His Word, it provides a space for the Holy Spirit to highlight what next organized step you should take. So are you ready to say "yes" to the more that God has for you? If so, I'd love to connect with you!

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